Code of conduct

The code of conduct reflects KLEiN Group’s corporate responsibility towards all employees, customers, business partners, government agencies, the environment, and wider society.

The code of conduct applies to all KLEiN Group activities – both internal, and external, with regard to our business partners, government agencies, and wider society. It describes the fundamental principles that form the basis for lawful, ethical corporate citizenship, and for the personal integrity of each and every individual. These principles are mandatory for all employees. Due to their specific leadership responsibilities, supervisors and line managers are additionally required to act as role models.

We also expect suppliers of goods and services (and their suppliers in turn) to adhere to the principles embodied by this code. In particular, they are called upon to respect human rights and dignity, and the needs of the environment – and that they adhere to legislation governing fair competition, monopolies and cartels, and to best practices in international trade.

Our code of conduct is dynamic in nature. It may be modified in line with changing definitions of acceptable behaviour, and changes to legal frameworks. In certain instances, we will clarify the meaning of this code through the definition of policies.

Our principles

Corporate social responsibility and legal compliance

We are aware of our responsibilities to society. We behave according to ethical principles – and we adhere to applicable legislation and regulations. We comply with the laws of the countries in which we operate. In addition, we respect their established customs and cultural norms, insofar as they are lawful. We set minimum standards through KLEiN Group guidelines, policies and voluntary undertakings. We respect the rights and integrity of employees, business partners, third parties, and members of society as a whole. In particular, we respect and support internationally-recognized human rights conventions – and unequivocally reject slavery and child labour in all forms.

Treatment of employees

At KLEiN, we believe all of our employees should be treated with respect. We do not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of nationality, skin colour, gender, age, religious beliefs, disability, or personal lifestyles. All employees are called upon to protect the health, safety, and security of all their colleagues. We comply with all relevant health and safety legislation worldwide.


We expect all employees to make their best efforts on behalf of the company, to proactively conserve all resources, and to continuously develop their skillset. Our mindset transcends departmental and geographical boundaries. We only improve an individual element where this does not jeopardize the whole. Our leadership principles are founded on trust and the delegation of responsibility. As a result, all KLEiN employees shall be provided with all and any information required to effectively perform their work tasks; by the same token, they shall proactively make all efforts to gain this knowledge.

Legislation governing fair competition, monopolies and cartels

We advocate fair competition within the scope of applicable legislation. We will not tolerate anti-competitive practices – such as market/territory division, customer allocation, price fixing, collusion on terms and conditions of supply and on the quantity of goods supplied, and the exchange of sensitive information with competitors.

Corruption, gifts and favours

All employees are prohibited from receiving and granting gifts or favours – in particular in connection with the brokerage, fulfilment, award, or payment of contracts. The granting and acceptance of gifts and favours of negligible value (and of a worth within legal limits) are permitted. Gifts should not create any form of dependency on either side.

International trade

We are committed to compliance with international treaties and national legislation on international trade and financial transactions – such as import and export regulations. All employees involved in international trade activities must have a thorough knowledge of – and consistently observe – all relevant laws, directives, regulations and processes.

Environmental protection

Conservation of resources and protection of the environmental are an integral part of the way we do business. We actively encourage all employees to think and act in an environmentally-responsible manner. We ensure our entire product portfolio, and all production processes, are environmentally friendly. This entails the entire life cycle – including raw material usage, product development, manufacture and operation, disposal, and reuse and recycling.

Data protection

We make all efforts to ensure the protection of all commercial and personal data. This includes information on customers and suppliers, and business and trade secrets. All employees are obliged to protect this confidential information and are not permitted, without due authority, to make them in any way accessible to third parties. In this context, we observe all contractual and legal obligations.

Relationships with business partners

We strive to ensure all agreements with business partners are comprehensive and clearly defined. Suppliers and service providers shall be selected on the basis of fair and free competition. All business transactions shall be conducted exclusively in the interests of KLEiN Group, and shall not be based on personal or private relationships or motivations. We observe internal procedures and policies (for example, where applicable, segregation of duties). Our values and code of conduct are key to establishing and maintaining lasting and successful partnerships.